What We Do

We here at Sonora Vets Helping Vets make it our duty to help our fellow veterans or active duty soldiers and their families. Tuolumne County has the highest veterans and active duty soldiers per capita in the entire country, so we work hard to help them as much as we possibly can. We offer a few different services and programs here at Sonora Vets Helping Vetsone is a thrift store we operate and take in donations daily, which are directly used by veterans or sold to help them. We also offer some fresh new programs that bring some healing to the Veterans in our area, one being Mountain Marcheswhich is a relaxing adventure through hiking trails in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Another is Soldier Sounds which is a Audio Recording and Music Therapy for soldiers. During the Soldier Sound Program Vet’s or Soldiers can come record music for free, we will work together to help them put their heart and soul into the music we are creating together. As if those weren’t enough we also have been working on our Veteran’s Center which will allow Vets to come and socialize as well as have a civilian free zone to tell old stories from the service, and kick back for a movie night.

Why We Do It

Sonora Vets Helping Vets was started by Russell Carpenter a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran who is trying to give back to his Brothers and Sisters. His reward is the satisfaction of being able to help Veterans and their families that may be struggling, as well as provide a place veterans can come to get information about programs or services in their area, or have a fellow veteran that they can talk to.

What You Can Do To Help

Stop on by our thrift store and pick up something you need, we’ve got a little bit of everything! If you have anything you may want to donate we accept them Monday – Saturday 9:30-4:00. If larger items are involved you can give us a call to arrange a pickup. We need furniture, tools, clothing, computers, and electronics. Financial Donations are also very helpful, either in cash, check or credit card, we can use every penny towards pushing the organization forward. Most of all to help please help get the word out about what we are doing!

Stop By Today


Monday – Saturday
10:00- 4:30